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Energy Efficiency and Renewables Conference 2019

June 10th and 11th

Industry Collaboration for a Low Carbon Future


Energy Efficiency and Renewables Conference 2019

June 10th and 11th

Industry Collaboration for a Low Carbon Future

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The Clean Energy Conference has been renamed: Energy Efficiency and Renewables Conference and will take place on June 10th and 11th at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre.

The intention of the renaming of the event is to place more emphasis on the current drive of the energy industry in Trinidad and Tobago - that is a drive toward optimizing the natural gas supply through energy efficiency and increased levels of renewable energy on the national grid.

The Conference this year is themed “Industry Collaboration for a Low Carbon Future”.

The theme is intended to highlight opportunities for the energy sector to collaborate to find mutually beneficial ways to improve efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

In 2019 the conference will also feature a trade show which is intended for companies to showcase their capabilities in renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental services.

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Speakers & Agenda

Speakers & Agenda


Sen. the Hon.

Robert Le Hunte

Minister of Public Utilities


Sen. the Hon. F

ranklin Khan

Minister of Energy and Energy Industries

Thackwray Driver.jpg

Dr. Thackwray Driver

President & CEO
Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago


Fernando Zuniga

Director for Central America and the Caribbean MPC Renewable Energies

Photo - professional 2017.jpg

Shivanan Deopersad

Senior Manager, Tax
Deloitte & Touche


Dr. Devon Gardner

Programme Manager - Energy
CARICOM Secretariat


Siana Teelucksingh

Renewable Energy Consultant

Christopher Narine Thomas pic 2.jpg

Christopher Narine-Thomas

Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Committee
Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago


Dr. Curtis Boodoo

Assistant Professor Utilities Engineering
University of Trinidad and Tobago

johan (2).jpg

Dr. Johan Sydow

Managing Director
Innova Energy

Sasha Jattansigh.jpg

Sasha Jattansingh

Journal of Caribbean Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy (CESaRE)


Dr. Lorraine Sobers

University of the West Indies

June 10th, 2019


Opening Ceremony

National Anthem

Welcome remarks

Dr. Thackwray Driver, President and CEO, Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago

Christopher Narine Thomas, Chairman of the Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Committee, Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago

Platinum Sponsors remarks – National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago

Platinum Sponsors remarks – BP Trinidad and Tobago

Platinum Sponsors remarks – Shell Trinidad and Tobago
Orissa Forde Carrington
- General Manager Safety and Environment, Shell Trinidad and Tobago

Session One: State Perspectives on Energy Efficiency

Keynote: Senator the Hon. Robert Le Hunte, Minister of Public Utilities

Coffee Break

Session Two: Opportunities for Efficiency within Industry

Jay Borkland, Senior Engineering Manager, Lloyds Register
Collaboration in the industrial sector – global perspectives

Francisco Sucre, Regional Coordinator, Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership, World Bank
Zero Flare Initiative

Energy efficiency on the grid

National Energy
Super ESCO Model



Session Three: Emissions in the Transport Sector

Captain Sukhjit Singh
Deputy Director & Technical Head | MTCC Caribbean
Energy Efficiency in the Maritime Sector

Malcolm Wells, Vice President, NiQuan Energy 
Future of fuel and fuel regulations

Curtis Mohammed
President, National Gas Company-CNG
Industrial applications for CNG

Dr. Curtis Boodoo, Assistant Professor, Utilities Engineering, University of the West Indies
Implications of EVs on the grid

Session 4: Capturing Emissions

Lorraine Sobers, Lecturer, University of the West Indies
Opportunities for methane emissions

Prof. John Agard
Opportunities for carbon sequestration – NGC Perspective


Coffee Break

Session 5: Energy Efficiency Declaration Updates

Chuck Faulkner, Managing Director, Efficiency One Services
Improving efficiency in the industrial sector

Upstream: BP & Shell
Downstream Petrochemical:
Yara: Efficiency in the Ammonia Sector
Power Generation
Andre Escalante, Managing Director, Energy Dynamics


JUNE 11th, 2019


Opening Ceremony

Dr. Thackwray Driver, President and CEO Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago
Welcome remarks and recap of day 1

Session 1: State Perspectives on Renewable Energy

KEYNOTE: Sen. The Hon. Franklin Khan, Minister of Energy and Energy Industries

Session 2: Regional renewable energy landscape

Dr. Malaika Masson, Senior Regional Energy Specialist, Country Offices Jamaica & Bahamas, Inter-American Development Bank

Dr. Devon Gardner, Programme Manager – Energy, CARICOM Secretariat
Jamaica: Phillip Thomas, A1 Solutions
Belize/St Lucia: Siana Teelucksingh, Renewable Energy Consultant
Guyana: Dr. Johan Sydow, Managing Director, Innova Energy


Coffee Break

Session 3: Policy and Incentives

Fernando Zúñiga, Director Central America and the Caribbean, MPC Capital
Financing large projects/ Costa Rica Wind Farm project

Shivanan Deopersad, Senior Manager, Tax
Best practices in incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency

Christopher Narine Thomas, Chairman, Energy Efficiency and Alternative Committee, Energy Chamber
Assessing the resources

Sasha Jattansingh, Managing Director, CESaRE, CANARI
Knowledge sharing and regional collaboration



Session 4: Government Projects

Ministry of Planning and Development/UNDP
NAMA Implementation

Hannibal Anyika, Senior Planning Officer, Ministry of Energy
UAE Project Update/ RFP

Anita Hankey, Senior Planning Officer, Ministry of Energy 
Update on Request for Proposals



Session 5: Closing Panel – Closing Panel

Facilitator: Dr. Thackwray Driver, President and CEO Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago

Conference Wrap-Up

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Event: Energy Efficiency and Renewables Conference
Theme: Industry Collaboration for a Low Carbon Future

Dates: June 10th and 11th 2019
Venue: Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre
Price: Members: 1,500 + VAT
Non-Members: 2,000 + VAT


0064Conference Day 2-BPM30604.jpg

Trade Show and Exhibition

Trade Show and Exhibition

Floor Plan: Energy Efficiency and Renewables Trade Show and Exhibition
Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre

Floor Plan 2.jpg

Interested in exhibiting at the Energy Efficiency and Renewables Conference? Contact Ariane for more information. or 6-ENERGY ext 29.


Booths 5,6,7: The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago

Booth 10: Coastal Dynamics Limited

Booth 11: Target Solutions Limited

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Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

The Energy Cham­ber of Trinidad and Tobago is the host of the pre­mier conference dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficiency in Trinidad and Tobago.

Energy Efficiency and Renewables Conference is undoubt­edly the fastest growing conference in the country and has quickly become the most respected conference relating to sustainability, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The Energy Efficiency and Renewables conference pro­vides a solid plat­form for par­tic­i­pants to:

  • forge new busi­ness rela­tion­ships and strate­gic alliances through networking

  • high­light their strengths to all of the major pur­chases of goods and ser­vices and a very wide cross sec­tion of both local and inter­na­tional ser­vice com­pa­nies and contractors

  • glean use­ful infor­ma­tion to help plan their short and medium term busi­ness strategies

In return for your spon­sor­ship, you will receive com­pany recog­ni­tion, as well as pro­mo­tion on the Con­fer­ence web­site, in the Con­fer­ence pro­gramme and in all asso­ci­ated papers and brochure dis­tri­b­u­tions. Par­tic­i­pa­tion will also pro­vide your com­pany with a stel­lar oppor­tu­nity to net­work with Gov­ern­ment, indus­try lead­ers and experts and other key stake­hold­ers in energy sector. This will pro­vide your organ­i­sa­tion with an oppor­tu­nity to com­mu­ni­cate your mar­ket­ing mes­sage and enhance your brand.


Energy Efficiency Declaration

Energy Efficiency Declaration

The international community has identified improving energy efficiency as a crucial objective to meeting the dual challenges of increasing demand for energy and combatting climate change.  Trinidad and Tobago has been consistently ranked as having one of the highest levels of energy intensity in the world and being one of the highest greenhouse gas emitters per capita.  Furthermore, over the past decade, Trinidad & Tobago has experienced significant shortfalls in gas availability for industry, resulting in negative impacts to the economy and contributing to the scarcity of foreign exchange. 

Recognising the positive impact that higher levels of energy efficiency can have on both the economy and the environment, we the leaders in the energy sector, commit to optimizing the use of Trinidad & Tobago’s finite natural resources and to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through our activities.

The signatories to this Declaration will therefore endeavour to increase the levels of energy efficiency and conservation in the following areas:

  • Facilities:-  by examining the integration of energy efficient technology, programmes and policies into existing operations;

  • Natural gas utilisation, electricity generation and electricity consumption:- by exploring and deploying opportunities to optimize the use of natural resources, raising the awareness of employees, contractors and partners and where applicable examining the use of renewable and sustainable sources of energy;

  • Transportation:- through further collaboration in aviation, land & marine transportation logistics and where applicable the use of energy efficient technology.

 The signatories to this Declaration further commit to:

  • Working collaboratively with the Energy Chamber, other stakeholders in the sector and with the government and international community to ensure that the necessary policy and regulatory environment is in place to encourage investment in energy efficiency and other greenhouse gas reduction activities.

  • Report annually, to the Energy Chamber, on the actions that we have taken to improve energy efficiency and decrease greenhouse gas emissions from our companies’ activities.


Sign the declaration

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