The Department of Energy in Guyana (DoE) has announced that the government will set up a Local Content Compliance Unit which, according to Dr. Mark Bynoe, will help validate information from the operators.

OilNow reports that the latest draft of the Guyana Local Content Policy includes a requirement for operators to include yearly local content plans.

Dr. Bynoe, Head of the DoE also said that the policy would include, “recent performance and current market information, including from primary contractors, describing estimated levels and activities and programs for the utilisation of local content for the upcoming year.”

The draft Local Content policy outlines the expectation that operators and industry players would collaborate with the Government to review the  Local Content Plans and Reports, to explore “what is working in delivering local content and what can be improved, when to make appropriate adjustments to a Plan or to government policy or initiatives, and to identify new areas of local content opportunity.”