The Energy Chamber of Trinidad & Tobago encourages its membership to make financial donations to the relief and restoration efforts in the Bahamas. Given the logistical challenges and expense of transporting goods from Trinidad & Tobago to the Bahamas, it will be much more cost effective to financially support relief agencies on the ground rather than shipping collected items from Trinidad & Tobago. Financial contributions will allow the relevant agencies to procure necessary materials in bulk, rather than shipping containers of mixed relief items that are difficult to distribute.

The Energy Chamber is liaising with CARICHAM, the Caribbean regional network of Chambers of Commerce, who are the official private-sector representatives on CDEMA, the official CARICOM coordinating mechanism.

Through CARICHAM we are in touch with the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, who has established a GoFundMe page to collect donations. We encourage our members and associates to visit this page to make your contribution by clicking on the button below.