Sponsor’s remarks by Wendy Seow, President (Ag), National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited

at the Energy Efficiency and Renewables Conference 2019

 I am very pleased to be here today on behalf of the NGC Group of Companies which comprise our parent company The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC) and subsidiaries Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL), National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (National Energy) and NGC CNG Company Limited (NGC CNG).

Our vision is to be a recognized global leader in the development of sustainable energy-related businesses; and our mission, to create exceptional value from natural gas and related energy businesses through our people and strategic partnerships.

 The NGC Group has had a long and proud history over the past forty-four (44) years that has driven our continued contribution to national economic development.  Considering the challenging economic environment, “lower for longer”, the importance of the Group’s role in the energy industry and its continued resilience cannot be understated.

Today, we remain committed in our role and steadfast in pursuit of further developing the energy sector, our country and its people. Our vision provides the foundation on which the Group’s pillars are supported and around which our sustainable energy strategy was developed. A strategy that leverages our strengths to secure our current business, by promoting energy efficiency to our major customer groups, growing locally and internationally through the diversification of the NGC Group’s portfolio to include investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

 We are also focussed on strengthening national contribution by engaging with key Ministries and State Agencies to influence policy reform and embark on public awareness campaigns to promote the cultural shift in attitudes and behaviours towards energy conservation.  An example of this was NGC’s public launch of the ReThinking Energy video series held recently.  

 In keeping with the theme of this years’ Conference – Industry Collaboration for a Low Carbon Future - I take this opportunity to highlight some of the strategic initiatives being undertaken by the NGC Group in support of the country’s renewable energy and energy efficiency agenda.

 The NGC Group is quite passionate about the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. So much so that the President of the NGC – Mr Mark Loquan and the President of National Energy – Dr. Vernon Paltoo are currently in Chile for meetings with high level Government Officials, with the intention of deepening collaborative efforts aimed at promoting and developing the Group’s renewable energy and energy efficiency agenda. We take this opportunity to thank the Chilean Embassy in Trinidad which initiated these talks which are expected to drive efforts into achieving tangible results.

 In 2019, the NGC Group is well on its way to implementing two energy efficiency initiatives, one of which involves the inclusion of NGC’s Light Industrial Customers or LIC as part of a pilot study which was introduced at a LIC Forum held in November 2018 and the other, the establishment of the first solar-powered fuel service station in Trinidad.

 In April 2019, National Energy and IDB Invest, together with a Consultant, conducted a series of energy audits for different energy use categories to assess the viability of developing an Energy Performance Contracting Industry in Trinidad and Tobago. This would be supported through the establishment of a Super ESCO, as a mechanism for accelerating the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

The Super ESCO initiative has the propensity to create a new subsector within the clean energy space, fostering entrepreneurship among both budding and experienced professionals. My colleague Ms. Aribeca Cazaubon - Business Venture Manager - will expound further on this initiative in her presentation later this morning.

 On the second initiative for 2019, NGC CNG has embarked on a pivotal initiative together with the National Petroleum Marketing Company, as both companies are collaborating to continue the rollout of CNG at existing and new fuel stations across the country. On May 1st, the Companies held a sod turning ceremony to establish the first ever solar-powered fuel service station in Trinidad located at the Preysal roundabout, Couva which is in close proximity to the Point Lisas Industrial Estate.  National Energy is leading the installation and commissioning of the Solar Photovoltaic system for this service station. Request for Proposals have been issued and tenders are due to close later this month. The station will provide dispensers for both liquid fuels and CNG, two electric direct current fast chargers for electric vehicles and a convenience store. This service station represents a new model design for development of future service stations throughout the country.  Later today, The President of NGC CNG, Mr Curtis Mohammed will present more details about this project and other strategic initiatives and plans for CNG development.

 In addition to the Group’s CNG and Super ESCO initiatives, we are actively involved in assessing potential opportunities for the development of a Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturing Facility in this country

With the burgeoning installation of solar energy technologies in Caribbean territories, this venture is envisioned to provide the region with high quality solar panels to facilitate increased deployment of solar technology in the utility, commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

We believe that through this effort, we can assist in accelerating the integration of renewables for power generation within the Caribbean and bring the region closer to achieving its renewable energy and energy efficiency targets.

 The NGC and National Energy were recently included in a Cabinet appointed Committee for the development of a National Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Plan led by the Ministry of Public Utilities. No doubt, Honourable Minister Le Hunte will say more on this initiative in his Keynote Address.

Our team is hard at work and will continue to deepen our contribution and ensure the sustainable management of our environment and our country.

 Ladies and gentlemen, over the last few years Disruption in business has become the new normal.  As we look to the future of the country’s energy landscape, companies can choose to disrupt which can present incredible opportunities or be disrupted by the changes and lag behind .  Without a doubt, the NGC Group is being disruptive by recalibrating and adopting new business models which include technology, innovation, renewable energy and energy efficiency. 

In closing, on behalf of the NGC Group, I wish to congratulate the Energy Chamber for taking up the mantle of facilitating this national dialogue which is critical to our economic future.  Thank you for allowing the NGC Group the opportunity to highlight some of our plans within the renewable energy and energy efficiency space.  

With 2021 around the corner, let us collaborate and dare to be disruptive, albeit in a managed way, change our mindsets and embrace the challenge to become energy efficient.  In so doing, we can boost economic growth, enhance national prosperity, support social development and advance environmental sustainability towards a more sustainable and secure energy system.

 I thank you and do enjoy the conference.