The committee continued the momentum of last year’s thrust toward a low carbon future. We found many willing partners to advance the agenda of the committee. The committee continued to work with the University of Trinidad and Tobago to co-host several minisymposia on the broad themes relating to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The events that were held were: 

1. Waste to Energy 

2. Energy Efficiency in T&T 

3. Roadmap to 2021

The committee also continued work in developing a paper titled Understanding the Electricity Subsidy. This document took the initial form of a series of articles which were authored by the Chairman of the Committee, Christopher Narine-Thomas and were published in five parts in EnergyNow. The full version of this is available on the Energy Chamber’s website, along with a presentation that Mr. Narine also developed with assistance from the Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Committee titled ‘From Wellhead to Wire’. The Committee continued to provide thought leadership in this area and participated in a number of forums with the Ministry of Planning and Development, Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, the Economic Development and Advisory Board, the Telecommunication Authority, CARIRI, and The University of the West Indies.

The committee also began work with a European Union Technical Assistance consultant to formulate the Roadmap for the government of Trinidad and Tobago to achieve the target of 10% renewables by 2021. Under the project, the European Union sourced a consultant to perform preliminary work in Trinidad and Tobago. The consultant was supplied with Energy Chamber data and also presented the preliminary work at the Clean Energy Conference. The consultant will present a complete roadmap in September/October 2017. 

The Carbon Market still makes up a significant part of the work of the committee, however the approach to the market has been expanded to include the Caribbean. A high-level meeting of CARICOM stakeholders for a Caribbean Carbon Mechanism will take place in October 2017 in Grenada at the UNFCCC Collaboration Centre at St George's University. The Energy Chamber CEO and committee representatives will be in attendance at the debate. 


The Committee:

  • Christopher Narine-Thomas
  • Alexei Viarruel
  • Andre Escalante
  • Andrew Hosein
  • Christian Tom Yew
  • Dirk Nuber
  • Dr. Dale Ramlakhan
  • Dr. Donnie Boodlal
  • Gary Clyne
  • Hannibal Anyika
  • Jeffrey Chen
  • Joel Edwards
  • Johan Sydow
  • Leah Pierre
  • Lisa Ann-Fraser
  • Martin Pinard
  • Natalie Jackman-Ible
  • Rishi Mahadeo
  • Ryan Roper
  • Tamara Bujhawan
  • Dr. Thackwray Driver
  • Trevonne Clarke