The Energy Chamber of Trinidad & Tobago in collaboration with Global Financial Brokers Limited, is pleased to offer all Energy Chamber members access to a specially designed Guardian Executive Medical (GEM) US$ Group Health Plan.

It is hoped that this plan will reduce the cost of insurance especially for smaller companies.

Key Features include:

  • Guardian’s extensive Preferred Provider Network both locally and internationally

  • Preferential Premium Rates - lower than Individual US$ Plans

  • International Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR) Limits

  • Annual Major Medical Coverage - US$500,000

  • Deductible:

    • Local – US$50 (Out of Network)

    • International – US$5,000

  • Co-insurance:

    • Local - 90%-10%

    • International – 80%-20%

  • Preventative Care – US$500

  • Maternity Care – US$4,000

  • Organ Transplants – US$200,000 (Lifetime)

  • Vision – US$500

  • Dental – US$1,000

  • Qualification:

    • Minimum 10 members

    • Maximum Enrolment Age – 69


Please note that the Energy Chamber cannot offer any advice as to the suitability of the plan for your own use and you are required to make your own assessments on the plan.