Principal Facilitator: Mr. Kiriti Bhattacharya
Location: The Energy Chamber, Learning Centre, Atlantic Plaza, Point Lisas
Time: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Dates: April 13th, 20th, 27th, May 4th, 11th
Cost: $4,500.00 plus VAT (members)
          $5,000.00 plus VAT (non-members)
Registration: Contact Dianna @ 679-7113 ext. 38 or email

Target audience:

  • Plant inspectors
  • NDT Technicians
  • Maintenance Supervisors (inRefineries, Oilfields, Process Plants & Power Stations)
  • Construction/Repair Contract staff


Typically NDT technicians and Inspectors are the frontline personnel in the detection, evaluation and reporting of the integrity condition of static equipment in various industrial facilities. However, in keeping with the old adage, “The Eyes Will Not See What the Mind Does Not Know”, these frontline personnel often are unaware of the root cause of the deterioration they seek to detect; added to this is the faulty application of the Codes, Recommended Procedures and Standards – which abound in the industrial practice today. This lack of awareness is due to the lack of any deep understanding of metallurgy as well as the degradation mechanisms to which they equipment are subject.

It has long been recognized that a foundation in Metallurgy and Corrosion Sciences, as they apply to industrial applications, is an essential pre-requisite for the meaningful interpretations of the codes, and sensible evaluation of the defects; most important, and commercially sensitive aspect of this knowledge is the defining of the scope of the necessary repairs deemed necessary.


Principal Facilitator’s Background

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Kiriti Bhattacharya (KB) is a Metallurgical Engineer (University of Toronto – 1972). He holds several professional memberships (including the Welding Institute (UK), Institute of Asset Management (UK), NACE (USA), etc. and is a Board Registered Engineer.

Earlier in his career he has been certified as a CWI of the AWS, an ASNT Level III and in Advanced CP Design (University of Wisconsin / NACE).

KB has been in the Oil and Gas industry for the last 40+ years. Since starting his career in Texaco’s Pointe-a-Pierre refinery (1973), he has worked in design engineering, refinery inspection, failure analysis, construction, project management and engineering management in seven countries around the world. He retired from Shell International in 2010 where his last job was GM (Engineering) in the Global Downstream S&D Division, based in London.

Since retirement in 2010, KB has been a consultant in the area of asset integrity management reviews for various corporations in Africa, Europe, USA, the Caribbean and Asia. He lectures on Metallurgical and Asset Integrity courses around the world for various public and private organizations. He has presented courses for the Engineering Institute (UWI) and Shell International, to practicing engineers over 2015 - 2016. He has been a Guest Lecturer for the I.Chem.E. and the Energy Chamber in the field of Asset Integrity of Ageing Facilities.