The Energy Chamber in collaboration with the University of Trinidad and Tobago presents another edition of the Energy Seminar Series - Energy Storage for Variable Renewable Energy.

Investing in Renewable Energy (RE) Technology not only contributes to meeting our local and international green house gas emissions reduction commitments but also redirects our limited natural gas resource away from power generation to the high value petrochemical sector.

The deployment of Renewable Energy Technologies however is not without challenges. The intermittency of solar and wind technologies especially for a large penetration in the utility grid can cause grid stability and power quality issues. The issues arising from the intermittency of RE can be mitigated when energy storage is incorporated in the energy distribution and transmission system.

This symposium will focus on Energy storage for Variable Renewable Energy (VRE). The presenters will present information and be prepared to discuss topics on lithium ion and aluminium based battery storage technologies, sizing and implementation of Energy storage systems for VRE and local and regional case studies of energy storage systems.

Venue: University of Trinidad and Tobago Pt Lisas Campus
Date: Thursday October 25th, 2018
Time: 8:30am - 12noon
Cost: Free
(Even though the event is free, you must register)



The feature address will be by Mr Jim McDowall of Saft.

Jim McDowall Bio:

Jim McDowall has worked in the battery industry since 1977 and is currently in the position of Senior Technical Advisor with Saft, primarily associated with grid systems. He has been involved in the energy storage market since 1998, Jim was a Director of the Energy Storage Association for 14 years and is a past Chair of the organization.