The Energy Chamber of T&T in collaboration with Onward Caribbean Ltd

Title of workshop: Fall Protection Training – Authorized Person
Facilitator: Mr. Troy Rayburn, Qualified Fall Protection Trainer (Onward Caribbean Ltd)
Location: ECTT Learning Centre Conference room
Time: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
Date: Wednesday 6th April, 2016
Cost: $1500 (Members); $1600 (Non-Members) includes hands-on training
Registration: Contact Dianna @ 679-7113 ext. 38

The Fall Protection Authorized Person course provides interactive training in recognizing potential fall hazards, the prevention of falls, fall protection systems, and the use of personal fall arrest systems. Other areas of fall protection covered include fall protection regulations, recognizing dropped object hazards, understanding and inspecting the parts of a personal fall arrest system, and fall arrest rescue awareness. Upon the completion of the course, the attendee should be able to understand:

  • The need to report fall hazards
  • The importance of housekeeping
  • The prevention of dropped objects
  • Methods of keeping a worker from falling
  • What happens during a fall
  • Calculating total fall distance
  • ABCs of fall protection - anchorage, body support and connectors
  • The proper selection of harness and complete fall arrest system
  • Inspection of a fall arrest system
  • Don full body harness
  • The bodily effects of a fall by being lifted in a full body harness

    Facilitator’s Background:

Rig Representative

Compliance and Assessment based activities, Conducted and facilitated AAR’s following critical operations, Maintained solid understanding of the client’s and contractor’s management systems

Operations Safety Trainer

Conducted safety training/education programs and demonstrated the use of safety equipment, Maintained and updated emergency response plans, Performed Root Cause/Root Analyses on incidents,


Assisted with supervising and mentoring crewmembers in the safe performance of tasks and adherence to company policies and procedures, Maintained inventory of supplies, parts, and equipment; performed general preventive maintenance and equipment repairs as needed, Primary operator for Wheel Loader and Fork Lift operations, Responsible for managing proper LOTO in the VFD/SCR house, Maintained regular duties of a Floorhand


Assisted the Derrick man with fluid transfers, controlling mud weights, changing swabs, valves, etc. in the mud pumps, and by relieving him on the derrick board when tripping pipe. Performed daily JSA's, STOP cards, and Hazard hunts as well as utilize other safety tools such as High 5, What If, 5x5, and PAUSE. Make connections, trip pipe, handle BHA, operate tongs and spinner hawks, slip/cut drill line, inspect and maintain equipment, work from boatswain chair, etc.

Construction Project Manager

Studied job specifications for submitting bids for large-scale commercial jobs including demolition, construction, and flooring installations in major department stores, Confer with supervisory personnel, owners, or other contractors to discuss and resolve matters such as work procedures, complaints, construction problems, or nearing time lines, Requisition supplies and/or materials for projects, Directed and supervise workers to ensure quality, safe, and efficient work was being performed


  • Safe Gulf/Safe Land/Rig Pass
  • Water Survival/BOSIET
  • OSHA 30-Hour
  • Process Safety Management Auditor
  • Production Safety Systems (T2)
  • Confined Space Supervisor/Rescue
  • Confined Space Gas-Free
  • Medic First Aid CPR/First Aid/BBP Trainer
  • Competent Level Fall Protection Trainer

Certificates or Training cards to be issued upon completion