The Energy Chamber is working through the Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force (TTDF) to deliver relief items to the people of Dominica. 

We have a vessel departing Point Lisas on Friday 29th September for Dominica, with a 250 tonne capacity.  This vessel has been kindly donated by National Energy.  There is a full list of items required by the TTDF can be viewed below.  Ideally items should be loaded on to pallets and secured with shrink wrap or similar.  

There is an urgent need for chainsaws, fuel cans and generators.  If you have any of these items available please contact Dax Driver at and we will try to get these to the Coast Guard immediately.  

We will be loading the vessel on Thursday.  

Please contact us if you need assistance locating pallets or assistance with transport. 

Items                                                                          Quantity
Chain Saws 36 inch                                                           200
Chain Saws 24 inch                                                           200
Generators                                                                         100
Roofing Supplies    
Gasoline and Diesel Fuel    
Tarpaulins                                                                           2000
Food (pre-packaged for immediate distribution)                10,000 bags
Medical supplies    
Medicines for Lifestyle Diseases    
Baby cereal                                                                        300 cases
Disposable Diapers                                                            300 boxes
Ring Burner Stoves (Single)                                               500
Sump Pumps and hoses (for distributing bulk water)         20




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