Asbestos Awareness


Asbestos Awareness

from 300.00

This course will introduce common hazards associated with asbestos

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The mineral fibers that we know as asbestos have been mined for many years. For almost as long, people have been bonding these fibers together to make products that are tough, flexible, fire-resistant, and provide effective insulation and soundproofing. Because of these qualities asbestos has been used for hundreds of different products.  While it's incredibly useful, we now know that asbestos can also be very hazardous to human health.  When the fibers stay bonded together, asbestos is safe.  But if tiny, almost invisible particles break loose, they float around in the air and can penetrate into the lungs without even being noticed. Over a period of time, that can cause serious and even fatal illness. 

Course topics include:

  • Hazards 
  • Characteristics 
  • Air monitoring 
  • Safe handling 
  • Personal protective equipment

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