Heat Stress


Heat Stress

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This course will introduce common hazards associated with heat stress

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Heat exposure may occur in many workplaces. Furnaces, bakeries, smelters, foundries and heavy equipment are significant sources of heat inside workplaces. For outdoor workers, direct sunlight is the main source of heat. In mines, geothermal gradients and equipment contribute to heat exposure. Humidity in workplaces also contributes to heat stress. The key to preventing excessive heat stress is knowing the hazards of working in heat and the benefits of implementing proper controls and work practices. You'll learn about all of these in this training.

Course topics include:

  • How the body handles heat
  • The most common safety problems associated with heat
  • Symptoms of the common health problems associated with exposure to heat and how to treat them
  • Ways to reduce the likelihood of heat stress
  • Special considerations to keep in mind when working in hot environments

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