Effective 21st February 2018, the following will be applicable to companies applying for the STOW certification audit:

1.    Fees & Invoices:

ECTT Members may make full payment for the STOW application and audit fees or may make a down payment equivalent to the full application fee plus the fees for 2 audit days, before commencement of services. The outstanding balance must be paid within 30 days from the date of ECTT’s invoice.  The audit report will not be sent to the STOW Implementation Board if the outstanding balance is not paid within 30 days of the date of the ECTT’s invoice.

ECTT Non-members must pay all fees in full before commencement of services. 

All fees are subject to VAT.

2.    Validity of Application:

The validity of an application for the STOW audit will be reduced to 2 months.

3. Letters on Status of Certification:

The Energy Chamber will no longer be issuing letters to operating companies informing of the status of a company as it relates to the STOW certification audit or STOW certification. Signatories of the STOW Charter have access to the STOW database and can verify the status of companies. Alternatively they can directly contact the Energy Chamber for information on the status of companies.