BHP has reported that they have encountered hydrocarbons at Bongos-2. The well was spud on July 22nd 2018 and was drilled using the Deepwater Invictus.

Bongos-2 is located in BHP's northern contract area, east of Tobago in deep-water block 14.  The announcement from BHP only indicates the presence of hydrocarbons at Bongos-2 but does not specify whether oil or gas was encountered.

BHP holds a 70% stake in the block with remainder 30% belonging to BPTT.

Recently, BHP also indicated that they encountered gas with their Victoria-1 well in their southern contract area.

The Bongos-1 exploration well was spud prior to Bongos-2 on 20 July 2018 but experienced mechanical difficulty shortly after spud. 

Drilling is still in progress.