Speaking at the annual Trinidad & Tobago Energy Conference, Giselle Thompson, Vice President Corporate Operations, BP Trinidad and Tobago outlined details of the company’s impressive investment plans over the next few years.  She confirmed that bpTT would be investing US$ 3.0 billion over 2015 – 2016 and outlined details of their upcoming major projects of Trinidad & Tobago’s east coast.

Beyond the Juniper project already in execution, bpTT has identified their next development prospect as the Angelin field.  The project was moved up in bpTT development plans as a result of data gathered through their Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) seismic campaign and is currently progressing through bpTT’s project approval process.  Giselle Thompson emphasized that bpTT was excited about the potential development but an investment decision relied upon the right investment climate being in place.   The proposed Angelin field development would be tied back to bpTT’s producing Serrette platform.

bpTT have also revealed that they would be spudding a new exploration well, named Savannah, in late 2016.  This prospect, in 500 foot water depths, has been unlocked by the development of the nearby Juniper project, potentially creating near-by infrastructure for a tie-back from any new field.  There are a further three exploration prospects that bpTT have identified through their OBC campaign, though no further details of these prospects were provided.

In addition to these major projects bpTT continues with an in-filling drilling programme in its existing production acreage, including targeting smaller pools within existing fields.  A final investment decision is also expected soon for an onshore compression project designed to increase delivery of gas into the pipeline network.