The signing of the first Local Content Charter took place during the opening ceremony of the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference 2017 hosted by the Energy Chamber. This signalled a commitment from the major operator companies in the energy sector to develop and implement local content initiatives that will serve to strengthen the energy services sector. 

The charter, which was signed by the CEOs of the major oil, gas and petrochemical companies in the country, is a commitment to create a voluntary industry-led process for companies to work together to increase local content in their operations. The charter also paves the way for all the signatory companies to work together with service providers and other stakeholders to increase local content in the Trinidad and Tobago energy industry. The leaders expect this to be achieved by ‘developing a local supply chain that is able to offer competitively priced goods and services at the highest international standards.’ They have also committed to working with stakeholders such as the Energy Chamber and other training and educational organisations.

This is a significant achievement as it represents the first time that the major players in the industry have agreed to co-ordinate their strategies and work together to progress this important element of the sector.