Upstream Online
Josh Lewis
26 Jun 2018 07:06 GMT Updated 26 Jun 2018 07:07 GMT

US independent Kosmos Energy has come up dry with its latest exploration well off the coast of Suriname.

The Anapai-1A well was drilled in Block 45 using the drillship Ensco DS-12 to test lower Cretaceous reservoirs in a structural trap on the flank of the basin a depth.

The well reached a depth of 4556 metres and, while Kosmos said it encountered high quality reservoir, it did not encounter any hydrocarbons and the decision was made to plug and abandon the well.

Kosmos had already encountered difficulties drilling the Anapai prospect, with the initial Anapai-1 suffering from shallow bore hole stability issues before reaching the target interval, leading the company to respud the well.

Despite the disappointing results at Anapai-1A, Kosmos chief executive Andrew G Inglis said the well result would not affect the company’s plan to drill more wells off Suriname.

“We are still in the early stages of exploring this newly emerging basin and our forward drilling programme remains unchanged given the independent nature of the prospects,” he said.

“The drillship will proceed as planned in the third quarter to test Pontoenoe, the first of up to three independent prospects in Block 42 offshore Suriname.”

He added that Pontoenoe was a similar play type to the Turbot and Longtail discoveries which lie roughly 70 kilometres to the west in Guyana.

Kosmos is the exploration operator of Block 45 in a 50:50 partnership with Chevron, while is also the exploration operator of Block 42 where it holds an equal 33.33% stake with Chevron and Hess.