According to an article in the Upstream, Range Resources has not only realised it forecast production target but has done so comfortably ahead of schedule. The article goes on to explain that their success can be largely attributed to its optimisation programme in Trinidad, which contributed to the company registering a 43 per cent increase in output over the last 12 months, having forecast 800bpd but registering an average of 820bpd. 

Range’s optimisation activities recently carried out on 34 wells will extend to an additional 24 wells in the current quarter. Chief Executive of Range Resources, Yan Liu confirmed that the company has been focussed on achieving it 800 bpd production target and continues to review its plans for Trinidad and Tobago with the aim of increasing its work programme and achieving higher levels of growth in production. 

With the installation of an additional 500-barrel tank which is projected to be completed in mid-June, Range’s storage capacity will be increased to 2,100 barrels at the Beach Marcelle field. 

It was also announced that they are considering at least two development wells in Trinidad for 2018 and have reviewed an accelerated development drilling work programme in an effort to sustain its growth in production.