Range Resources, an onshore operator in Trinidad’s Morne Diablo field, has encountered success in its last well in its latest five well drilling campaign for 2016. Range actually reached oil producing depth early in its GY681 well, which, as a result, is set to lower drilling costs. The target depth was 4,500 feet, but the company achieved success more than 100 feet sooner, at 4,395 feet. Production testing is scheduled to commence this month to determine the production potential of the well. 

According to Range, “The initial log evaluations on the well are encouraging, with an estimated net pay of approximately 150 feet in the Lower Gros Morne sands (primary target) and an additional 80 feet in the upper zone of the well.” The operator added, “Any success with the well is expected to open up other development opportunities for that reservoir and add to the geological knowledge of the area.” 

Vice President (VP) of Operations and Production, Lijun Xiu, said in a statement that “Range is delighted to announce that as a result of the continued well workover programme, commencement of waterflood production at the Morne Diablo project, as well as development drilling, the exit production rate for 2016 exceeded 800 barrels of oil per day (BPD).” 

Range has also advised that following the completion of a production testing programme, the QUN 160 development well drilled in November 2016 has been put on production on December 1st 2016 and has continued to flow at an average stabilised rate of 35 BPD, having initially flowed at 66 BPD. 

This additional success led to increased production levels of Range’s assets by 40% when compared to 2015; production levels now exceed 800 BPD. 

Range has 100% working interest in Morne Diablo, Beach Marcelle and South Quarry in Trinidad. The company also has majority interest in Guayaguayare Shallow (65%), Guayaguayare Deep (80%) and St. Mary’s (80%). 

The waterflood technology has been implemented in Morne Diablo, Beach Marcelle and South Quarry. Selective development drilling has also taken place in Morne Diablo and Beach Marcelle. Range, saw its shares jump on the London stock exchange in the aftermath of the announcement which indicated the completion of drilling operations at the GY 681 well on the Beach Marcelle field.