It is with regret that the Energy Chamber informs of the passing of Mr. Neil Sinanan who was a Senior Independent Assessor with our Safe TO Work (STOW) programme over the period 2009-2015.  Neil was among the first batch of Assessors with the STOW programme and made a sterling contribution as a STOW auditor as well as a technical reviewer of STOW audit reports which he did for a brief period of time.

Neil will be remembered by his peers, the STOW Implementation Board and the STOW Project Office for willingly sharing his extensive knowledge to coach new Assessors and to strengthen the STOW programme.  He played an instrumental part in facilitating the smooth transition towards our current operational model where the Energy Chamber directly contracts the audit services of Assessors rather than the company seeking STOW certification. During the transition he was the main voice for Assessors, safeguarding their interests, but at the same time he supported the move and worked with the Energy Chamber on behalf of Assessors, to ensure it became a reality.

Those who worked with Neil will also remember his sense of humour, his down to earth and approachable manner and the forthright way he dealt with people and situations.

The Energy Chamber acknowledges his contribution to the development and improvement STOW programme and extends condolences to his family.

When I heard of the passing of Neil Sinanan I was genuinely saddened by the news. Neil was among the first batch of STOW Assessors and I guess I hoped he would be with the STOW programme until the day he chose to retire from such work.

Neil was someone whom I had tremendous respect for. He brought his high standards and excellent work ethic to the STOW programme along with a wealth of knowledge of auditing which he imparted without reservation. His technical competence as an Assessor was evident throughout his work with us.

I appreciated his candor, openness and sincerity when dealing with me and came to be very fond of interacting with him. I recall a time when he came to the Energy Chamber supposedly on a brief visit to pay fees and we ended up chatting for more than an hour.  He told me of his experiences while studying in Canada and had me laughing, I learnt that his son was heading off to Jamaica to study architecture and got some related funny anecdotes and somehow the goings on in US politics at the time became funny. Neil always left me with a smile.

I suspected something was wrong when he was uncharacteristically quiet at our June 2015 Assessor meeting and found time to quietly ask him if he was Ok. He told me he had recently started experiencing medical challenges and was seeking medical help.  Needless to say, his condition got worse.

I kept in touch with Neil as much as I could during his illness and was surprised at how calm he seemed. He did not appear to be angry at his circumstances and even found time to whatspp me funny videos which I reciprocated and to advise me to go to Mayaro and relax after our 2017 Energy Conference. As the months went by he shared that his condition continued to worsen and his thoughts on it, so I knew what was to come.  Still it saddened me because I believe that we lost a truly decent person as well as a committed and proficient Assessor with the passing of Neil Sinanan. 

My condolences go out to his family at this time of their loss.

Natalie Reece-Sarkar
Manager, Safe TO Work (STOW) Programme

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Mr Neil Sinanan