In October, the Trinidad and Tobago Cabinet gave the go-ahead for an eight-block bid round which is set to move forward in early November. Six blocks are shallow-water offshore blocks and two are onshore. 

These bid rounds are the first since 2014 so they are long overdue. 

This bid round offers up shallow-water blocks in Block 1(b), Block U(b), Block 4(c), Lower Reverse L, North Coast Marine Area 2 and North Coast Marine Area 3 in the first phase and in phase two, onshore blocks — Charuma A and Charuma B blocks. 

The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries characterises the blocks in the following ways: 

Block 1(b) is located in the Gulf of Paria, west coast Trinidad and is 57,799 hectares in size. 

Block 4(c) prospects present along two ridges within the acreage. Its producing (Pleistocene) sands are the primary objective sands which show good reservoir development in the Block. There is current production in the nearby Toucan and EMZ Fields. Wells drilled show a pay thickness range from 113-270 ft and the average porosity between 33-37 per cent for the producing sands. 

Block U(c) is a four-way and three-way structural closure trapped against NW-SE down to the east normal faults. It contains biogenic gas and condensate production in the adjacent Osprey and Oilbird Fields. The Oilbird Field — production from platform at average 100 mmscf/d. 

Lower Reverse L is a major closure seen from Middle Pliocene to Lower Miocene Sands. Wells within the acreage showed well-developed sandstone, siltstones and possible reservoir sands. There are exploration opportunities in the Pliocene/ Miocene Sands. 

Charuma A & B are located in Central Trinidad and are a subset of the original Central Range Block. Charuma A is an estimated 24,623.25 hectares in size while Charuma B is 6,109.41 hectares in size. 

In this bid round, the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries partnered with a data services provider, Zebra Data Services (ZDS), to provide to display technical data, for example, seismic and well data. The data is available through the Ministry’s website.