Dropped Object Prevention Programme
Date: Dec 16th
Time: 8:00am to 4:00pm
Cost: Members $4,000 +VAT , Future members: $4,500 +VAT
Venue: National Energy Skills Centre (NESC) Rivulet Road, Pt Lisas
Trainer: Mr. Troy Rayburn
Certification: Onward Caribbean Ltd (Associate Member-IADC) or IADC-DIT Certificate (USD $25 additional)

For more information
Dianna Poliah-Evelyn@ 679-7113 ext. 38 or admin@learningcentre.energy.tt 


Statistics have shown that dropped objects are among the top 3 causes of fatality and serious injury in the Oil & Gas Industry. Not only unique to O&G, but in other industries, dropped objects account for a major part of all safety related incidents. As a result of this organizations are striving to create a workplace that is drop-free and accident/incident free.

The DROPS IADC-DIT accredited interactive training will assist companies in achieving this objective. This course is designed for those required to manage safely and effectively in compliance with both their organization’s policy and best practice in health and safety. Participants will be encouraged to apply all theories learnt to their current work environment.

Learning objectives:

 Gain deeper knowledge of the Dropped Objects Prevention Program
 Practice using the elements of the Dropped Objects Prevention Program
 Identify and understand potential Dropped Objects hazards
 Provide solutions and recommendations for mitigating against Dropped Object risks
 Have a greater understanding of the effects of Gravity

Training structure:

The DROPS Training programme is a one-day highly intensive, hands on training session. Topics to be covered include:
 The effects of gravity
 Safe lifting/hoisting procedures
 No-Go and Red Zones
 Working with tools at heights
 Behavioural safety considerations
 Risk tolerance
 Hands-on demonstration of dropped objects