Managing a Crisis

A crisis is understood as a sudden, unexpected event with unpredictable and undefined impacts and consequences that together can threaten the enduring viability of the organization with potential long term adverse impact on its relationships with its key stakeholders.


Training Overview:

Even the best-run companies have unexpected events that create a crisis for the organisation. Loss of reputation, customer loyalty or trust of products or severe financial penalties can all occur as a result of a crisis leading to a significant loss of business value. In the energy sector, crisis management should move up the agenda of our local firms where high-risk activities occur as a matter of course.

  • Is your company well prepared to respond adequately in times of crisis in a way that minimise adverse impacts to the firm’s profitability, viability and reputation?
  • Are you confident that you and the organisation knows how to 'weather the storm" of a crisis in the modern age of social media?
  • Can you manage an interview with the media in response to a crisis?
  • Do you have a structured incident response process that you table top test on a regular basis?
  • Are you identifying risks to proactively prevent the next crisis?

Learning objectives

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:


  • Develop an understanding of the theory and practices of effective crisis communication;
  • Craft an effective crisis management plan that focuses on the pre-crisis, in-crisis and post crisis actions that need to be taken as a response to crisis;
  • Learn how to handle the acute phase of a crisis and deal - under pressure - with the multiple issues to be handled as the event unfolds
  • Understand and develop compelling strategic messaging for all channels of distribution in both traditional and social media;
  • Engage and effectively communicate with the media during times of crisis;
  • Undergo a tabletop crisis simulation with an emphasis on transferring learning to your company.

Course Delivery

  • The course will be presented as a one-day course
  • There will be a maximum of 15 persons per course to allow for more in-depth and interactive class environment;
  • A crisis scenario will be developed throughout the day to allow real time application of learnings;
  • An "on-camera" session for feedback to enhance personal effectiveness in public and media interaction.


Mr. Sheldon Daniel, SXD Leadership Communications (UK) Ltd

  • Technical expertise in external affairs strategy, communication training and stakeholder engagement;
  • Understands communication from a business and organizational perspective;
  • Experience in leading teams and coaching several senior executives at BP on interactions with government, NGO’s and media.
  • Served as Contributing Author for the Economist Intelligence Unit and currently a regular contributor to Energy Now, the quarterly publication of the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Over the last 6 years has successfully delivered communications/stakeholder management strategy/plans for Atlantic LNG, NGC and BPTT and the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • A 3 time graduate of UWI and a graduate of the University of Cambridge

Ms. Donna Ramsammy, Virtually Yours TT Ltd.

  • Over 20 years of international leadership experience with regional conglomerates and blue-chip companies
  • Technical expert in the design and deployment of communication tools for global knowledge sharing and common-process for the E&P Segment at the Global Business Centre for BP Group LLC
  • Published Writer, Editor and Producer of corporate materials
  • Developed advocacy and strategies for change management, new-entry and crisis communications in country relations - e.g. T&T, Angola, Azerbaijan, Oman
  • Has led teams and served as Executive Coach to a number of CEOs
  • Has rebranded and repositioned companies to facilitate corporate growth agendas and license to operate
  • Has managed Business to Government relations for BWIA during privatization with minimal disruption and for bpTT during the Amoco/BP acquisition
  • Provided mission-critical advice to CWC in media relations during the recent CWC/Flow merger. 

Date: September 26th
Venue: Energy Chamber, Learning Centre
Cost: $3000 + VAT (Members); $3,500 + VAT (Non-Members)