Trinidad and Tobago’s Energy Sector employs over 23,000 workers, with a significant portion in the service industry. Deploying competent personnel is arguably the most significant factor in managing risk and improving efficiency in safety critical operations, both upstream in oil and gas-related assets, and downstream at petrochemical facilities.

In many companies, a permanent worker’s competence can be assessed throughout his/her time with the company. In the case of a transient workforce, it is difficult to fully assess the competency of workers who are brought in through a number of contractor companies, especially during times of turnarounds. This assessment extends to workers who do not possess certification and increasingly, those who do possess certification but lack considerable experience.

At this breakfast meeting, the Energy Chamber and National Energy Skills Centre (NESC) will present their competency development initiatives for certified and uncertified workers. Lessons learned from Methanex Trinidad’s Competency Assurance initiative, introduced during the 2016 Atlas Turnaround, will also be shared.  We look forward to engaging participants in discussions on the way forward for a stronger reliability partnership. 

Target Audience

  • Contractors and energy services companies
  • Facilities and Maintenance Managers
  • HSE professionals
  • Procurement Specialists
  • Oil & Gas and Petrochemical companies

Cost: Members: $275 + VAT ; Future Members: $325 +VAT
Venue: Cara Suites Conference Centre

This Breakfast meeting is being Part-Sponsored by Methanex Trinidad Limited