Root cause analysis (RCA) is one of many quality improvement methods used to detect, understand, as well as, resolve any root causes of problems or incidents. It is the implementation of a series of widely known methods which, when utilized in various combinations, can produce a methodical, documented and calculated approach to the determination, comprehension and resolution of underlying causes of under achieved quality in organisations.

In the Energy sector, training in Root Cause Analysis is imperative, especially in firms where high-risk activities occur on a regular basis. This two-day training provides you with the right techniques to effectively achieve this.

Date: August27th & 29th 2018 (two day)
Time: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Cost: Members: $2000 per participant (VAT Exclusive)
Non-members: $2500 per participant (VAT Exclusive)
Facilitator: Mr. Alfred Phillips, Managing Director, SET, Ready & Go Ltd / SHEQ Institute Ltd.
Location: Energy Chamber Learning Centre, Atlantic Plaza, Pt Lisas