The theme of the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference in 2019 is Technology: Transforming the Industry.

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Technology has rapidly improved and changed the way we all work over the course of the last few decades.  

The energy sector has kept pace with this growth and has experienced significant enhancement to the technology used in many aspects of the industry.  This has meant that, key business areas the sector have benefitted from more accurate data gathering and analysis, cost reductions through more efficient systems, safer operations and the adoption of enhanced methods of exploration and production.   

At the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference we will critically analyze how technology has changed the industry and the opportunities for adoption of improved technology to drive the sector forward. Although it is clear that new technologies have the potential to have significant benefit to the industry, there is the need for a clear understanding of the risk and reliability of technology and a need for the development of standards which govern the use and implementation of new technology.

Following the recent declines in production and depressed oil prices, local service providers and operators in the upstream and downstream are still recovering.    While there is significant optimism about the potential for growth over the next 5 years in Trinidad, we are also at a crucial juncture for the introduction of new technology.  The adoption of new technology in the mature and emerging energy territories will mean optimization in the sector, across all areas.

At the conference in 2018, presentations will include upstream and downstream perspectives on adopting new technologies and how the application of new technology benefits the industry. It will also include presentations from service contractors and content experts on improvements in technology leading to improvements in safety, data gathering and analysis, supply chain and deepwater developments.