Speaking at The Oil & Gas Year's Second strategic round table discussions for Trinidad and Tobago's energy industry, Petrotrin’s President Fitzroy Harewood, shed some more light on Petrotrin’s operations. The event attracted senior industry leaders in the energy sector in Trinidad and Tobago. 

As public attention continues to focus on Petrotrin's efforts to boost production and improve overall performance, the round table discussions also included deployment of enhanced oil recovery in maturing oil fields and exploratory work to identify new deposits, as well as its preparedness to access new markets regionally and internationally. 

Discussions also surrounded the need to improve alignments across the entire energy value chain with some attention focused on the role of the country's state enterprises in the nation's energy sector. 

In a subsequent interview with representatives of The Oil & Gas Year, Harewood expressed hope for the future of the energy industry as he noted that Trinidad and Tobago continues to be a key player in the local, regional and international market despite the challenges presented by a lower for longer oil price environment.

Commenting on Petrotrin’s operations as the state-owned oil and gas company, Harewood acknowledged that a lot of work needs to be done. Furthermore, he stated that the company continues to focus on increasing production upstream and improving the margins earned in its downstream operations while also addressing asset integrity issues. 

Harewood also spoke of the company’s commitment to continue to support local content development and to provide a platform for local competency growth by encouraging participation by locals in the upstream and downstream sectors energy value chain. Petrotrin recently hosted its Fifth Annual Production Alliances HSE Leadership forum which provided an opportunity to review and recognise the HSE performance of Petrotrin’s 18 production alliances. 

At the event, Harewood also encouraged the production alliances to reflect on what they could do differently to improve HSE performance and to share best practices and work collaboratively to lift and improve HSE standards throughout the industry.